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Duramax Sheds

Easy-to-assemble outdoor storage solutions from Duramax are constructed of all-weather vinyl in neutral ivory and are maintenance free.
With no maintenance required, Duramax sheds are perfect for most backyards.

Need to hang shelves or garden tools in your shed?  No problem.  With a Duramax shed, the wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure, adding greater strength.

Much quieter in the rain or hail than a metal shed, your Duramax vinyl shed won't dent, rust or corrode.

Your vinyl shed will never need painting or treating and won't rot, mildew or fade. And, unlike plastic, vinyl is fire retardant.

All vinyl sheds come in a neutral color that can be described as 'ivory' or 'eggshell.'

Using paint made especially for PVC, it is possible to paint the shed.  However, because this will generate the need for future maintenance, it is not recommended.

Contemporary Design to Enhance Your Yard

It is worth noting that in addition to vinyl sheds, Duramax offers metal sheds.  In fact, they offer some of the strongest steel outdoor sheds you can find today. Duramax sheds have thicker steel walls than most metal sheds on the market.  Most other brands have thin, flimsy walls that easily ding and dent.
Because their modular steel sheds offer superior strength, they are able to make them wider and taller than other metal sheds of comparable size. And, their modular design allows for easy extension as storage needs grow.

Metal sheds are available in 6' x 4', 8' x 6' and 8' x 10' sizes.

O.K., it's time to make a checklist of the most important things to look for when choosing a shed:





  value for the money

  low maintenance


Utility garages for larger storage requirements

Like all Duramax vinyl products, Duramax garages are very durable and require little or no maintenance.

They are reinforced with inserted metal columns for greater strength and rigidity.  This allows shelves to be attached to the columns.

A special feature is the 88" extra-wide double doors, allowing access to most lawnmower tractors.


Selection of vinyl storage sheds

With all of the features included in their other products, such as reinforced wall columns, fire retardancy, and contemporary design in a neutral ivory, this model also has been roof snow load tested up to 900 lbs.

Delivery and assembly information

The factory does not assemble the sheds.  They are shipped to your closest shed dealer's location for delivery to your home.  A drop off charge will normally apply.

Each customer is responsible for assembling his or her shed, with assembly time and complexity of the project dependent on the size of the shed, number of extensions and whether you have a foundation or not.  

Here are estimates on assembly times for some of the Duramax basic sheds:

An 10x8 unit takes two people 4-5 hours

A 5x3 takes about 1 hour

A 4x8 shed takes 3-4 hours

An 8x6 takes 2 people 3-4 hours

Can I have windows in my Duramax shed?

Yes, you can fit at least two windows in most sheds.  Windows do not fit in corner panels, but only in middle panels.

The window opening is cut in the panel using a jig saw.  All windows are sliding windows.
Windows allow light into the shed and provide air circulation when open.  They are sold separately.


Greenhouses house your outdoor plants beautifully

Features include:

Metal-reinforced wall columns

Handsome contemporary design to enhance your garden or yard

Operable roof vent for temperature control

Walls are UV-resistant all-weather polycarbonate

Walls will not shatter or break

Approximate install time is 3-4 hours with two people

Ten year limited warranty

A larger greenhouse is shown below

The Duramax Warranty

Duramax has a 15 Year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects. Although Duramax vinyl sheds will not pit, corrode or yellow, based on the intensity of the sun in any particular area, the color may change slightly.  All parts are covered by the warranty.

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